Booking a Trip

In order to begin the process of booking a trip, please contact us with the following:

 Ø  Desired date of arrival and departure with flight details (we can book flights as well).

 Ø  Special interests or religious denomination of the group.

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Payment Terms

Payment must be made in hard currency, preferably in US dollars. Full payment must be made 30 days prior to the arrival of clients. 

Cancellation fees

Our policy is only to charge the cancellation fees that hotels charge and other expenses incurred. Every hotel has a different policy which varies according to the season. In general, the following guidelines will apply:

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 The Holy Land can be visited any time of the year. It is best to avoid the peak season when sites are crowded and prices are high. The peak seasons fall on Jewish holidays and Easter (see below).

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When it comes to specifying hotel needs, the modern categorization of hotels is:

Ø  Deluxe - the best equivalent to 5 stars

Ø  Superior First Class - moderate, equivalent to 5 stars and very good 4 stars

Ø  First Class - standard, equivalent to 4 stars

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It has taken several years to unearth treasured guides of outstanding reputation and character. Such guides are enriched with an essential mix of local and trained experience, genuine personal faith and a clear command of the language.


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The tour operator/travel agency, Sindbad Tourist Travel Agency Ltd., acts only as an agent for the various companies, owners, individuals and contractors providing any form of transportation, accommodation, meals and all other services necessary to operate the tour.

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